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Do you want to know about how to count words of your document fast? You can use Essay Brother’s best custom essay writing service in order to check your text word amount.

EssayBrother’s Word Counter Tool

To use this word count checker, start typing or copy your content and paste it into the box below. Then click on the button below to find out how many words and characters are in your text.

The Word Counter Tool is a tool that helps you measure the number of words in your document. It can be used to see how many words there are in your document.

The Word Counter Tool is a great tool for any writer, whether you’re using it to check your spelling or just want a quick way to make sure you’re using the right word.

Fast Word Counter Tool

The EssayBrother word counter tool is a software that helps you count words in Microsoft Word documents. It identifies the number of words, sentences and paragraphs in your documents, as well as their length.

You can use our word counter tool to:

  • Count the number of words in a document
  • Count the number of sentences in a document
  • Count the number of paragraphs in a document

EssayBrother Word Counter is a simple, yet effective tool that helps you track your word count.

You can use it to check the number of words in a document, or count the number of times a word appears in a document.

It will even count the number of occurrences of a word in your document as you type it out.

Why should You Use a Word Counter Online?

For everyone who wants to keep track of their words and characters but doesn’t use Microsoft Word, online word counters are the ideal solution. Imagine having to manually count the words as you write! Not only will it take endless time, but there’s a possibility that you won’t be entirely accurate.

Furthermore, who wants to waste valuable time counting a long piece of paper when technology like ours is readily available to help? Count the words with Essay Brother’s new word counter tool online. It is a clever word count calculator that provides results in the blink of an eye.

How it works?

When using this tool, you will need to copy and paste the text that you want to be counted into the box on the screen. After doing this, click on “Count Words.” This will begin counting the words in your document. Once it has finished counting, it will show you how many words there were and where they occurred in your document.

There are two ways to use this tool: by word count or by character count. The first option counts only words; the second option counts both words and characters.

If you want your document’s word count to be checked, visit our Essay Brother word counter tool to do it for you.

We are living in the age of Word Counter Tools!

We are currently all living in the era of word counts. Whether you are aware of it or not, you have been working with text counts if you have been producing words, from social media character restrictions to lengthy document requirements in corporate settings.

  • Facebook wouldn’t permit you to publish something longer than 63,206 characters or even let you remark the use of greater than eight,000 characters.
  • How approximately are Instagram’s 30 hashtags restricted? The restricted 2,200 characters they allow for your Instagram captions will even get truncated after simply 125.
  • Twitter used to limit us to 140 characters but later pushed it to 280.

You want to always live on point, making sure your content remains inside the limits of those applicable structures so that you don’t unwittingly grow to have to lessen or increase your matter phrases backward and forward simply to satisfy some necessities.

For that to take place, you want a textual content counter device.

But using a word counter does extra than supporting you count social media submit characters.

Why Word Count Checker by EssayBrother is Special

While there are many word count checkers for essays and short stories out there, none of them offer the same level of flexibility and customization as Essay Brother. Word Count Checker by Essay Brother is a great tool to help you keep track of the word count for your essays and reports.

It provides more information than just word count, It also performs the following:

  • It shows you the total number of words and total characters with or without space.
  • One can look at the total number of paragraphs, the average word length, the average sentence length, the number of sentences, and the number of unique words.

Also, there are several different types of documents that can be checked using Word Count Checker, including:

  • Essays

You can check how many words you use in each section, as well as how many times certain words appear in your document.

  • Reports

Use this tool to add up all the numbers in a report. You can also see how long each section takes to write and how many times certain words appear throughout it.

  • Bulleted Lists

If you’re writing a report or essay based on bulleted lists, then this function will help you keep track of how many items are included with each bullet point, as well as how many times each item appears throughout your document.

We Respect the Privacy of Our Users!

We respect the privacy of our users and are committed to protecting their information. We will never sell or trade your data with third parties. We do not monitor or store any information about your usage of this tool.

When it comes to word-count tools, we’re all about transparency.

At Essay Brother, We make sure that this data is never stored on our servers, nor shared with any party other than the software you’re using.

Our tool is designed to help you track words in your content, and it needs access to your data only to do its job.

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