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EssayBrother cooperates with the best professional literature review writers to bring you quality and dependable services. Choose a writer from our database of experts with PhDs and master’s degrees.

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Our literature review service guarantees:

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We ensure that all papers are original by counter-checking them against the internet, student papers, journals, and publications. Our team of professional literature review writers has the profound academic experience and utilizes vast scholarly resources to develop unique content.

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We meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality. Get your urgent literature review written by our qualified and experienced experts within a few hours.

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The Best Literature Review Writing Experts are Here

At EssayBrother, we believe that a company is only as extraordinary as its employees. Our literature review writers have proven their skills by undergoing rigorous tests. They are accomplished academics with different levels of qualifications and profound academic writing experience. They are driven by their passion for research and thirst for knowledge. Their skills and expertise make them the best literature review writers to handle your paper.

Why you need Literature Review Help?

Writing a systematic literature review is laborious and time-consuming. Whether you are writing a systematic literature review or literature review as a part of your thesis, they need a lot of work. They involve a comprehensive literature search and an in-depth analysis of the studies or publications. Literature search alone for literature review articles can take you days. Why go through the struggle when you have qualified experts at your service?

Getting your literature review paper done by our experts can be enlightening. With their many years of experience, they are familiar with the format and organization of literature reviews. They are well versed with the best databases to access recent and subject-specific literature. You can learn a lot from them and sharpen your skills as a researcher.

Literature Review Features

Literature review as part of your thesis or dissertation

A literature review is usually the second chapter of your thesis. It has many purposes but generally demonstrates knowledge of the research topic. It establishes what is known, what is unknown, and what is disputed about the particular topic. It aims to:

  • Clarify your understanding of the research topic.
  • Identify trends and themes in the literature.
  • Identify research gaps.
  • Justify your research.
  • Increase your knowledge in the subject.
  • Provide intellectual context for your work.
  • Identify experts in the field.

Literature review publications

In recent years, literature review articles such as systematic reviews and meta-analyses have become increasingly popular. This is because a vast number of journals are published daily, making it difficult for professionals to keep up to date with trends in their respective industries. Literature reviews summarize information from the best available evidence, making it more accessible to professionals. Many graduates are choosing to undertake systematic reviews during their studies. Are you one of them? If yes, stick around to find out the components of this type of literature review. These literature reviews synthesize primary research and have a similar methodological rigor as primary research studies. 

The components of these literature reviews include


This chapter contains a background of the study, an overview of the research topic, a PICO research question, and the aims and objectives of the study. Before writing this literature review section, you should do a preliminary literature search to familiarize yourself with the topic. Identify the research gaps and justify the need for the review. Formulate a research question that has not been answered in the last 5 years, and then come up with corresponding research aims and objectives.


Justify the research methodology by explaining why it is the most appropriate for answering your research question. Explain the research paradigms and the eligibility criteria used to qualify studies for the review. This section of the literature review describes the literature strategy used and gives a detailed account of the literature selection process. A comprehensive, replicable, and transparent literature search is an important part of conducting a literature review. Afterward, the literature is critically appraised using the appropriate critiquing framework for the study designs. A critical appraisal is important to establish the relevance, validity, and reliability of the selected studies. Ethical considerations of the review are also presented in this chapter.


In this section, data is extracted from the selected studies, and a summary of the findings is presented.

Data analysis

After data extraction, the information is organized into themes. The themes are compared and contrasted to obtain findings.


This section of the literature review involves explaining and evaluating the significance of the findings.


A summary of the review’s key findings and recommendations are presented in this section.

FAQ about Literature Review Writing Services

The price starts at $9,5 per page. It varies depending on the academic level, urgency, and complexity of the task. Despite these factors, our services are reasonably priced, and you will get value for your money.

You will get an immediate response once you place an order or contact our support team. On the form you are required to fill out, you should choose the paper’s urgency and allocate time for completion. You are guaranteed timely delivery of your paper. You can also get updates on the progress of the paper by chatting with us.

Yes. Our professionals are highly accomplished academics with Ph.D. and master’s degrees. We assign the best writer by matching your academic level and discipline to an expert with a corresponding academic background and experience. With EssayBrother literature review writing service, you are assured that the most qualified professionals are handling your paper.

Yes. Our database of professionals provides adequate information to allow you to choose the writer best suited to your needs. You can review the writer’s academic level and samples to help you choose the right expert. Specify your preferred writer ID when filling out the order form or when chatting with our support team, and we will honor your request.

Yes. Our experts have been writing literature reviews for many years. They are experienced in producing authentic and original academic texts that guarantee you a good grade. If in doubt, you can request a plagiarism report for free.

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