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Case Study Testimonials

As a rule, a case contains not just a description, but also a certain problem or contradiction and is based on real facts.

Accordingly, to solve a case means to analyze the proposed situation and find the optimal solution.

Relatively recently, the active use of case technology in education has begun, and now this approach has become considered one of the most effective learning technologies. Therefore, you may often have to deal with such a task.

Case study allows you to improve soft skills. By ordering work on a case study at Essay Brother, you will receive a ready-made “recipe” for developing such skills without excessive efforts.

Our authors are experts in various fields, well versed not only in theory, but also in practical nuances in various fields of knowledge.

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Case studies special features

Most students have no idea how to write a case study and consider this task to be extremely difficult. Of course, such tasks cannot be called easy, but with our help, you can complete the task in the blink of an eye!

Case studies are real puzzles taken from practice. Their goal is to teach the student to analyze the causes and consequences of an event, action, creating its role model. Such problems, as a rule, are complicated by the fact that they can have several effective solutions, but only one of them is the optimal way out of the situation.

Solving a business case is a complex, stressful, and highly responsible task. To help you deal with it as efficiently as possible, Essay Brothers is here to help you 24/7!

Case studies pitfalls

It would seem that everything is simple. But in fact, there are several pitfalls that can puzzle participants who are dealing with cases for the first time.

Firstly, the case does not have a correct answer. There may be one optimal solution (and it may not always be implemented in a real situation), but there are several effective solutions.

Secondly, introductory cases may contradict each other or constantly change. The case is based on real facts and imitates a real life situation, and in life you have to deal with similar problems more than once.

Thirdly, as a rule, cases are solved in a limited time. In business, it is rarely possible to get all the details and have the big picture in front of your eyes.

In terms of complexity, case studies can be as follows:

  • Structured (or ‘highly structured’). They include a minimum amount of additional information. They contain a certain solution model, and there is an optimal solution for such cases.
  • “Small sketches” (short vignetts). They introduce only key concepts, include 2-3 pages of applications. Students are required additional knowledge to work on such cases. 
  • Large unstructured (long unstructured cases). These are the most difficult cases. Students need to cope with a large amount of loosely structured data. The case may include redundant information and/or there can be a lack of the necessary data.

All these difficulties and pitfalls may seem like an insurmountable challenge, but EssayBrother will solve your problems in writing any case study assignment, on any level of complexity!

Case technologies

The essence of the case study is that students are given a description of a specific situation that a real organization has encountered in its activities or which is modeled as a real one. The student should get acquainted with the problem (for example, on the eve of the lesson) and think about ways to solve it.

Thus, case study educational technology is an interactive technology for short-term learning based on real or fictional situations, aimed not so much at mastering knowledge but rather at developing new qualities and skills in students. Its main purpose is to develop the ability to work through various real-life problems and find their solution, to learn how to work with information.

 Case technologies that activate the learning process include the following:

  • Method of situational analysis (method of analysis of specific situations, situational tasks and exercises – that is, “classical” case studies);
  • Incident method;
  • Method of business correspondence analysis;
  • Game projecting;
  • Method of discussion.

In teaching practice, various types of situations for case studies are used:

Standard situation. It is to a certain extent typical, often repeated under the same circumstances; it has the same sources, causes and can be both negative and positive.

Critical situation is atypical, as a rule, unexpected, that is, it takes by surprise, destroys the initial calculations, plans; threatens to violate established norms, regimes, systems of rules, values; can cause material and moral damage, be harmful to health, the environment; requires immediate and radical intervention, revision of criteria, regulations, standards.

An extreme situation (or an emergency) is unique, has no analogues in the past. It leads to negative and sometimes destructive changes in any objects, processes, views, relationships; entails material, physical and moral losses; requires the involvement of unplanned and unforeseen material and human resources; encourages radical action, unconventional solutions, seeking help, for example: earthquake, fire, flood, snowstorm, volcanic eruption, avalanche.

According to the nature of the case outlining, the presentation of the material, situations-illustrations, situations-assessments, and situations-exercises can be used.

An illustration situation is an example from practice (both positive and negative) and a way to solve a situation.

Situation-assessment is a description of the situation and a possible solution in a ready-made form: you only need to assess how legitimate and effective it is.

In case of the exercise situation, a specific episode of managerial or socio-psychological activity is prepared in such a way that its solution requires some standard actions, for example: calculating standards, filling out tables, using legal documents, etc.

Case solving consists of several steps:

  1. Research of the proposed situation (case);
  2. Collection and analysis of missing information;
  3. Discussion of possible solutions to the problem;
  4. Working out the best solution.

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