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The life of a student, scientist, and actually any person who is somehow connected with texts and writing is full of surprises. You write your paper, write, and find that it (it turns out!) has already been written before you. Fully or partially. Or you hired a writer, he/she submitted a paper, and it turned out to be almost an exact copy of that post over there. As you may have guessed, we are talking about plagiarism.

Intentional or accidental, it always breeds frustration and disappointment. You can lose time, money, resources, and even a job.

However, do not be upset! Today, there are many advanced plagiarism checking tools that help to detect even minor fragments of copied text. One of these assistants is the EssayBrother plagiarism checker. Below, we’ll take a look at how this amazing tool can help you make your papers more valuable and outstanding, and much more.

Let’s dive in!

Types of plagiarism

Do you remember when you wrote an essay from scratch, and your college plagiarism checker showed a pretty bad result? It’s not because you copied, but because there are a few different types of writing based on multiple sources. Naturally, this leads to a few types of plagiarism your tool can detect from.

Complete copy-paste

The most obvious plagiarism is when a written piece is absolutely or mostly the same as the source’s piece. In this type of plagiarism there are no rewriting cases, but copy.

Direct copy-paste

Similar to the previous type with one important difference – copied pieces are presented as quotes, citations, and references. It’s not prohibited to use them if you show the sources (author’s name, paper’s edition, etc.)


One of the rewriting methods – is when you just use the synonyms and make superficial changes in phrases. It can be detected by an essay plagiarism checker and can also be a problem in your work if you need a unique paper.

Self- and auto-plagiarism

It can be both complete or direct copy-paste of your works. If a writer makes a citation to his/her own paper, it’s called self-plagiarism (auto-plagiarism). It’s not prohibited as well if you use it properly.

Source-based issues

One of the most confusing cases. You can meet source-based plagiarism when you’re not competent with source specifying. Nevertheless, the essay plagiarism check tool is intended to help you with it because it shows all sources you used by citations!

Inadequate proof of an authorship

This serious case appears when you have no rights on the paper used or your license is inadequate or expired. Be careful with it because potentially you can face legal issues with the content owner. Always check the rights and licenses you own or take part in.

“Puzzle” work

Many reviews work imply collecting information related to a topic in one place. Some students don’t rewrite all these materials with their own words to get a unique piece of paper but just copy small parts into one document, just like a puzzle. Fortunately, EssayBrother’s free plagiarism checker can detect such kinds of works too.

Accidental copy

As mentioned above, sometimes we write a text based on our knowledge and experience and we do not check it. However, we should because most data we use is not limited to us – many people read the same books, and newspapers, watch TV and YouTube, etc.

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Why it’s important to check for plagiarism?

Plagiarism can lead to the several types of problems such as legal, ethical, professional, and personal issues.

The first group is the most serious because consequences can reach up to criminal liability.

The second group leads to a violation of ethical standards concerning the intellectual property of authors, which devalues the copied work and the authority of its authors. Here, the restrictions on activities by ethics and human rights institutions can be obtained.

The third group directly affects your academic and professional growth. If one day you are caught plagiarizing, it is unlikely that you will be able to get a letter of recommendation or a grant to continue your project or start a new one.

And, finally, the last group bears the risk of devaluing the author of plagiarism as a person. People in your environment are losing trust, which negatively affects your reputation. On the other hand, you may be exposed to various kinds of harassment, such as mobbing and bullying, which greatly affects your well-being and mental health.

Plagiarism is especially dangerous if you are at the beginning of your career path. All opportunities may be closed for you in the future. In particular, if it came to legal proceedings.

Financial punishment also plays an important role. You can lose not only the profit you expected from the project but also pay large fines.

How to avoid plagiarism?

Avoiding all these terrible risks can be very simple.

First, set a rule for yourself not to copy once and for all. If you’re using someone else’s idea or need to quote someone, format those pieces according to the citation rules.

Second, read the sources you plan to use for your work before you start writing an essay. This will help you to learn what is already written there and articulate ideas in your own unique style.

Third, do not forget to check your texts for plagiarism using plagiarism checker tools. It’s so simple!

If the first two factors are completely up to you, with the last one we can help! Read on to learn all about working with plagiarism checker tools.

Who needs a plagiarism checker?

The short answer is everyone.

Today every person works with text content in this or that way, on paper or virtually. Let’s see the list of some fields and jobs where check essay for plagiarism is a must-have mantra.

  • Students;
  • School teachers;
  • University workers;
  • Scientists and lab workers;
  • Writers;
  • Lawyers;
  • Bloggers;
  • All kinds of digital businesses;
  • Publishing industry;
  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Small business owners;
  • Investors and more.

Don’t hesitate to say check my essay for plagiarism for everyone you work with. This is a guaranteed way to avoid penalties in the organization you work or study in.

How can EssayBrother help with these and other essay-writing difficulties?

The essay writing process is accompanied not only by plagiarism cases but also by grammar and paper design. It’s great when one tool can fix a few needs at the moment.

EssayBrother professionals’ team can help you write, edit, check for plagiarism, and proofread your scientific or fiction papers.

Native English speakers with Bachelor’s, Master and Ph.D. degrees are here to review your papers and consult you if you need it. Among other services are:

  • Turnitin report
  • Title page
  • Bibliography page
  • Unlimited edits
  • Formatting (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian)
  • Free Consultation before placing an order

Why order writing tasks online?

Creative work doesn’t matter is it a small student project or a great scientific invention, needs much time and resources for creativity itself, not routine. In writing this means, that you have to think about the idea (of your presentation, essay, or article), and not about grammar checking or wasting hours finding the right plagio detector manually. EssayBrother tools, plagiarism checker, and other writing tools are intended to make your productivity higher and protect you from burnout.

When you choose to check a paper for plagiarism, hire a team for the fastest impossible essay writing task, or take the advice of a competent writer with a degree in a few minutes, you save the resources that save you!

Just compare people who can’t delegate with those who trust professionals in the work they do in the best way and you’ll see the difference. The first group can’t achieve great results because it’s so difficult to focus on all details. Sure, there is a so big risk to miss something important. Also, when you do everything by yourself you delay your success for an undefined period. So it’s always worth working with a comprehensive team instead of doing everything on your own.

Okay, but how much does it cost?

Oh, don’t worry! Prices are more than affordable! You only pay about $9 for high school content and about $19 for Ph.D. work. You can also get a promo code and different bonuses. Some of them include:

  • “refer a friend” promo code discount and bonuses;
  • seasonal and occasional offers (check your e-mail!);
  • 5% of discount for every review on Trustpilot.

So as you see, it’s not worth working hard and wasting so much time and energy on routine. Connect with the 24/7 EssayBrother team and focus on your creativity!


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