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Chemistry is the study of matter, its properties, and how they interact with one another. It encompasses a broad range of topics including the study of matter, its structure and properties, chemical reactions, and energy.

Inorganic chemistry

It investigates the production and behavior of inorganic and organometallic substances. The majority of these substances are carbon-based.

Physical chemistry

It is the study of chemical systems using the principles and methods of physics. Additionally, it encompasses macroscopic and particle phenomena in chemical systems.

Theoretical chemistry

It focuses on the theoretical generalizations that make up the theoretical toolbox of contemporary chemistry, such as the idea of chemical bonding.

Analytical chemistry

It is the study and use of techniques and equipment for identifying, measuring, and separating materials.

Organic chemistry

It is the study of  characteristics, processes, and structures of organic molecules. These are covalently bonded with carbon.

Polymer chemistry

The chemical synthesis, physical characteristics, and structural details of macromolecules and polymers are all covered by polymer chemistry.


Physics is the science that deals with matter and its motion through space and time. It includes topics such as heat, electricity, magnetism, light and sound.


English is the language spoken by humans worldwide. English has evolved over many centuries from its Proto-Indo-European origins to its current form. English can be used for communication between individuals or groups in many different roles throughout society.


Statistics is the collection and analysis of data in order to draw conclusions about trends or patterns from this data. Statistics can be applied to many areas including business management, social science, economics and engineering research journals such as Natural Science Journal, International Journal of Science & Engineering Research.

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