How To Write a Nursing Essay

The frustrations around writing not just an essay, but a good nursing essay are very problematic in that the nursing essay requires competence in analyzing sources of information, credibility, deep research, evidence, and findings. Its utmost tasking and demanding for individuals without skills in research, problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and source analysis to put forth a good nursing essay. Knowing how to write a nursing essay can help you get admission, pass an examination, write an article for publication, advance your nursing career or carry out a medical/health program or project.

Do you have a nursing essay to write and you seem not to know how to go about it or do you need a case study written for you, then this article is for you. Certainly, this article will guide you through the process of writing good nursing essays, with samples, outlines, best nursing essay topics to choose from, and nursing essay examples.

What is a Nursing Essay?

It’s obvious that many people have defined a nursing essay in various ways to mean scientifically researched articles that require data presentation, collection and analysis of data, and discussion of findings, but it’s pertinent to add that a nursing essay is a systemically well-researched scientific academic paper in which the topic is related to nursing. If you select a topic that has no relationship with nursing, then it’s not a nursing essay. Nursing essays are used;

  • For admission
  • To inform and educate readers,
  • For health seminars and projects.
  • For the application process in nursing school
  • For assessment and evaluation of nursing students
  • Medical/health programs, and so on…

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A nursing essay is just as tasking as every other academic essay, but what’s more significant about writing a nursing essay is that it is an empirical and scientific type of essay.

An opportunity to vividly clarify one’s knowledge of the topic, through data collection, dissecting the questions from the topic as well as presentation of the text in a well-structured format where each paragraph links artlessly to the next, is what nursing essay writing offers and also demands.

Having examined what a nursing essay is all about, the next phase is to consider how to write a nursing essay that can be said to be “good”.

What is a nursing essay

How to Write a Good Nursing Essay

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It is notably true that irrespective of the fact that a nursing essay is naturally scientific, it follows standard rules and presentation of the text in a structured manner. Standard rules here refer to the use of meta description, introduction, the body of the essay, conclusion, and source citation or reference(s). As academic writing, it should follow the standard rules of writing an academic essay. In addition, this type of essay requires research, hence, the need to collate relevant data, prepare a draft, analyze the data, and state findings from the analysis. Therefore, writing a nursing essay is best written empirically. There are rules guiding how to write a good nursing essay. To begin, consider the following rules:

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Nursing Essay Writing


Understand the question

Inasmuch as all nursing essay topics are usually researchable, one ought to understand the topic. A deep understanding of the topic will help you know how to go about answering the questions asked.  It’s impossible to answer any question or write on any topic one has no understanding of. For example, in writing on a topic like “ compare and contrast nursing for geriatrics versus infants”, a deep understanding of the answers required from the question in the title is pertinent. This will easily be facilitated through the knowledge of what nursing for geriatrics and nursing for infants, comparing and contrasting different nursing essay samples related to your topic.


Gathering of relevant data

In crafting an acceptable and good nursing essay is to gather materials first before writing begins. Information should be collated from relevant sources such as books, nursing journals, media, and the internet. The preparedness of a nursing essay is the writer’s ability to gather materials relevant to the topic which would help them write unique and factual essays. Gather as many materials related to the topic as possible because this is what will make your essay have depth,  with deep research. Additionally, it provides validity and reliability for the essay.


 Write a draft

This tool helps you track important information to input in the appropriate section while writing. By writing out your draft, I mean preparing your nursing essay outline and writing out the components and structure of your essay. Your draft will help your essay have direction and help you link the paragraphs. Every essay must have an outline that it follows. It helps you in organizing your work and determining the flow of the essay. It’s through your draft that you will know how you will structure your text to achieve your goal. Take note of all your sources and keep your references in the draft.


Conduct a research

Researching a topic of the nursing essay will give more understanding and make your work factual and comprehensive. You should go into deep research to discover important information which would be helpful in your writing and educating your audience. The research will help you compare and contrast concepts, key facts, assertions, and experiments done by others on a similar or related topic. Some tools guide how you can write your nursing essay. That is the nursing essay outline.


Reference all  Sources you Cited

You must have cited some sources while writing the body of your essay, yes! It’s important to give your essay the necessary information support and proof. After the conclusion, be sure to provide references to these sources that your readers can visit to get more relevant information. Citing other people’s work, evidence, findings, or experiment isn’t bad but make sure you give appropriate references to all of them to avoid plagiarism.

Another important part of writing a nursing essay is the ability to write out a good nursing essay outline. Let’s examine this.

Nursing Essay Structure

Briefly, a nursing essay outline has a structure just like every other academic essay paper. It’s made up of the;

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraphs
  • Conclusion
  • Reference

This format plays a significant role in your nursing essay. We have discussed each structural component elaborately in the next paragraphs and later in this essay under the Nursing Essay Outline subheading.

Nursing Essay Introduction

Crafting an introduction to your nursing essay requires keen dedication and hard work because this is where you capture the minds of your audience to read your essay to the end. However, you have to make your introduction catchy, simple, and concise. The introduction is also the section of the essay where you give your audience an overview of the essay, a brief definition of your topic, why your audience should be interested in your essay, problems your essay will address, and a thesis statement at the end stating the direction in which the essay will follow. The thesis statement is usually a one-statement description of the purpose of the essay. Note that some of your audience after reading your thesis statement may be motivated to continue reading your essay if it meets their needs or stops reading if it seeks to address their need.

Nursing Essay Body Paragraphs

The body of the essay should be segmented into sub titles or headings to make the work organized and more meaningful. This is the part where the main information in your essay is embedded. You don’t necessarily need to make the write-up cumbersome, but rather, make it clear for your readers while linking a paragraph to the next to aid continuity. From this segment of your essay, one can easily decipher if your essay is original or plagiarized, so be sure to make your content original. A nursing essay is an academic essay, for that reason, try to make your paragraphs factual, informative, and evidence-based while avoiding personal opinion words or feelings. In addition, be sure to present all hypotheses, arguments, and evidence tentatively with appropriate citations. Be sure to check for grammar and typographical errors in the body of your work because there are tendencies that it may be much more in this part as you are trying to compile your information to make sense to your audience. It’s important to note that the body of your essay must focus more on discussing your thesis statements and each of your paragraphs should discuss just one sub-point or subheading above it. Your paragraph can exceed 3-5 depending on the number of words and topics you want to write on.

Nursing Essay Conclusion

Be sure that your conclusion summarizes the main points stated in the body of the essay, especially the key point you would want your audience to note while restating the thesis statement and how the essay has been able to categorically examine each statement or met the purpose of the essay. Based on the findings of the essay, give your contributions, stands, or ideas in the conclusion. You can as well end this part by giving recommendations and suggestions for other best nursing essay topics based on the outcome of the findings in your essay. Because it’s an academic paper, of course, there should be room for further studies or research on other variables related to the topic of your essay in the conclusion.

After writing your conclusion, you need to edit and proofread your essay, making sure there are no spotted errors. Grammar errors in your essay will end up reducing its quality. You should be satisfied with and comfortable with what you have written, or else you should edit your essay to meet your goals.

Nursing Essay Outline

If you have a plan to carry out a  particular task, you should be able to arrange the tools which will help you complete the task successfully. This is what you should do before writing a nursing essay outline. An essay outline is the systematic and organizational list of an essay plan or format or structure. Write out the step-by-step components and structure of your work before starting your essay to guide you through the process and make your essay organized. If you don’t have an outline, your essay may not be well structured and well-planned because every research-based essay requires an outline. An outline is one of the most adequate planning tools for writing not just a nursing essay, but all types of essays you could ever think of, therefore, do not fail to write out your outline before starting your nursing essay.

Your nursing essay should follow the outline listed below:

  • Title or Topic
  • Introduction

–        Hook.

–        Overview.

–        Background information.

–        Importance or Benefits of the essay to the audience.

–        Thesis statements.

–        Transition statement to the body of the essay.

  • Body of the essay

Body paragraph 1:

–        Subheading or Subtitle with supporting statements.

–        Facts, Data and Evidence.

–        Transition statement to link the second body paragraph.

Body paragraph 2:

–        Subtopic with supporting statements or claims.

–        Facts, Data, and Evidence.

–        Transition statement to link the third body paragraph.

Body paragraph 3:

–        Subtopic with supporting statement or claim.

–        Facts, Claims, and Evidence.

–        Transition statement to link the conclusion.

  • Conclusion

–        Summary of the main points or ideas in the essay.

–        Restatement of the thesis statement and how it has achieved its goals.

–        Findings.

–        Suggestions and recommendations based on the findings for further studies on related topics or variables discovered as a result of writing the essay.

–        Transition to references.

You are at liberty to edit your outline to suit your needs and goals and you can add more paragraphs to your outline which depends on the number of sub-topics you write.

Nursing Essay Topics

Nursing essay topics may differ but the approach to writing doesn’t change. If you are given a nursing essay topic, the task of formulating or choosing a topic is relieved off your shoulders. In situations where you have to decide on a topic, it’s advisable to choose a nursing topic that is researchable and problem-solving-oriented. You can choose a topic from a list, a trending problem in the nursing profession, or personal motivation.

Below is a list of 15 nursing essay topics you can choose to write on:

  • Role of nurses in advanced countries versus underdeveloped countries.
  • Relationship between medicine and nursing science in advanced countries.
  • Impact of Covid19 on nurses, challenges, precautions, and recommendations.
  • Compare and contrast the role of nurses and doctors in the medical field.
  • Should nurses be allowed to prescribe drugs to patients?
  • The pros and cons of choosing a nursing science program over medicine and surgery.
  • Compare and contrast the challenges of nurses in developed countries and underdeveloped countries.
  • How can nurses better cope with stress?
  • New nursing ethics and theories for standards and the rate of compliance in developed and underdeveloped countries.
  • How nurses can better deal with pressures in their profession.
  • Hospital efficiency and the role of the nursing profession.
  • The role of psychological education in the nursing career.  
  • Differences in nursing requirements in developed and underdeveloped countries.
  • The impacts of being a trauma nurse.
  • Pros and cons of nursing for infants and geriatrics nursing.

There is a wide range of topics on nursing you can write on. Be sure to choose a topic you are comfortable with and understand very deeply. A good understanding of the topic will help you cross every obstacle you may encounter while writing.

Nursing Essay Examples

Structuring your essay can be less tasking if you access various nursing essay examples both online and offline, helping you discover issues in nursing that should be written on, or given deep research attention. Reading other nursing essay examples will certainly help you in choosing a nursing essay topic, as well as getting more experience on how to craft a good nursing essay. There are very many nursing essay samples on the internet, in nursing journals, in nursing books, and in print media. Accessing these nursing essay examples will inspire you on the topic to choose and build your confidence in writing your nursing essay. If you need assistance with an essay, take advantage of our link above and get your essay done. Another significant advantage of reading nursing essay examples is that you will find it easy to cross every barrier you may encounter while writing your essay because of the experience you have gained through accessing various nursing essay examples.


The provisions and guide of this essay will erase the frustration resulting from crafting a good nursing essay if strictly followed to the latter. Be sure to note every guide in this essay and in no time, you could become a professional nursing essay writer.

A nursing essay is an academic essay, therefore it has a structure and outline that should be adhered to. This essay has been able to discuss what a nursing essay is, how to write a good nursing essay, nursing essay introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion nursing essay topics, and nursing essay examples.

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