How to Write an Informative Essay: Rules and Tips

Writing an essay can be very tasking and sometimes complex especially when it concerns writing informative essays, which rely on reviews, facts, and findings gotten from reliable authorities and references. Just like the popular saying that “if you are not informed, you may be deformed”, information is very vital in today’s world, hence, the need to stay informed. Significantly, an informative essay stands out from other essays because its main objective is to keep its readers informed about the experience, event, development, or variable that in one way or the other affects humans or predicts the future. This makes this type of writing unique.

Why is it vital to write an informative essay? This is simply because it helps solve the reader’s problem or quest for knowledge.  Do you crave to become a proficient informative essay writer and make a great impact? The best essay writing and custom research paper service offers this golden opportunity for you with full assurance. Consequently, this article aims at uncovering useful tips, basic rules, formats, and outlines in writing an informational essay.

What exactly is an Informative Essay?

A piece of writing which does not either solve a problem or seek to inform readers on a particular topic, event, experience, thing, or variable is not an informative paper. In most circumstances, these are research papers, reports, projects and articles, and so on, which are provided by the best essay writing service to students, researchers, governmental and non-governmental organizations, companies, teachers, and the general public. Factually, the aim of an informative essay has always been to educate the readers in the general sense in sending out vital and valid information to people, even though scholars, researchers and authors have provided various concepts to informational essay definition. There are several purposes by which people write informative essays. These purposes could be to define a particular term, compare and contrast two or more variables, analyze some useful data, or give a tentative or new guide on ‘how-to ‘. For example, ‘how to build castles in the air ‘, ‘how to make the sun smile’, ‘how to avoid obesity ‘ and so on.

Informative essay starting

Types of Informative Essays

Definition Essays in Informative Writing

We have earlier started in this essay that people may decide to write informative essays that define something or variable. In this kind of informative essay, the focus is usually placed more on explanation. Defining a concept requires deep explanations. Hence the need for writers to have this skill while writing a definition essay. An example could be “ what is childhood Obesity?’. As a writer you are expected to let the readers first have an overview of what obesity is, providing information people in the medical field have to say about childhood obesity,  a general definition of the term Obesity, and other various definitions of the concept as well. Additionally, examples of the concept of childhood obesity should be provided (if there are); presenting these descriptions in a logical procedure.

Compare and Contrast Informative Type of Essay

This type doesn’t rely on definitions and explanations but presents the key fact of differences and similarities which exists between variables or topics. Here, the writer is required to clearly state the differences and similarities between the types, forms, or examples of childhood obesity. This goes a long way in helping the writer narrow the focus of the writing to the objectives of the essay while giving readers a proper and adequate understanding of the concepts and topic.

Analysis of Data Form of Informative Writing

This one provides readers with samples of data gotten from respondents on a particular variable which are factual and accurate. Here, the use of methodology is vital in explaining the reason for a choice of analysis tool, the presentation of data analyzed (perhaps in a tabular form) for readers to understand and what the result of analyzed data implies in the essay. This form of writing proves a point, fact, experience, assertion, or theory through the analysis of data gotten from respondents on the variables considered in the essay. At the end of the essay, the result of the analyzed data can then be used to back up or counter a particular finding, experience, theory, point, or assertion. For instance, one may decide to write on “how gambling affects the academic performance of students in High schools in Australia”. He or she may gather information from high school students (respondents) on how gambling can affect young people’s academic performance, transmit it into numeric data and analyze it to find out the extent of the effects of the gambling variable. The result of the data would make the writer or researcher conclude that gambling does have either high or moderate or low or no effect at all on students’ performance in high school in Australia.

Writing a ‘How-to’ Type of Informative Essay

It is not as complex as the rest of the other forms of informative essays because it’s usually concise and simplified for readers to understand. In most cases, the key points provided are usually listed or bullet ted for easy comprehension. Just like the definition writing, it’s usually very explanatory and written in clear terms because It’s a sort of guide or tips on how to perform a certain task or action. Make sure that each term provided in this kind of informative writing is defined or explained and simplified to a layman’s understanding. For example, writing on “ ‘how to make install Microsoft word application package’. Be sure to provide the readers with a brief definition of the terms involved, and an overview of the Microsoft application software package, where readers can purchase the software, its usage, and its significance to readers before proceeding to highlight key points on how to install the package on different computers. Provide the likely obstacles the readers may encounter while installing the software and how to tackle the problems.

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How to Write an Informative Essay Flawlessly

Are you writing a process, narrative, expository, descriptive essay, a cause, and effect, problem-solution, or Pros and Cons essay? Then you are on the wheels of an informational paper.

  • Before one begins to write, there is a need to choose a good topic that can be researched. Here, understanding and deep knowledge of the topic are a necessity. It’s somewhat difficult to give out a good essay on a topic one has little knowledge of. In addition, there ought to be deep research on the topic to identify its trends, developments, impacts, and solutions.
  • Move to gather up factual material resources to aid the writing, to make the essay valid, reliable, unique, effective, and educative to readers.
  • It’s important to note when writing an informative essay doesn’t rely on personal opinions, feelings, or viewpoints. Rather it is associated with facts and findings.
  • Every good writing sample must have an outline, hence the need to provide a step-by-step essay outline, good case statement, an introduction, definitions of concepts, reviews of related writings and methodology, and a conclusion. This outline will enhance coordination and give direction and structure to the essay. These informative essay outlines will be discussed more in the outline guide.
  • Accuracy of fact is necessary when writing this kind of essay. Writers should endeavor to make sure all the facts they cite in their writing are not false or outdated. This is because inaccurate facts would jeopardize the write-up or misinform the readers. In addition, where a reader spots inaccurate data or facts, he or she may quit reading the essay.

How Good Can You Start an Informative Essay?

Knowing the basic elements which make up an informational paper will certainly help writers know how to do an informative essay easily without stress.

  • It’s perfect to start an essay with a meta description of the write-up. This gives a summary of the content of the work. From the summary, readers are either motivated to read on or move on stop reading and move on from the essay. The meta description is usually written below the topic before the Introduction. It breaks down what is done in the essay and exposes the objective of the essay as well.
  • Begin the writing with an introduction of the topic, a definition of variables and concepts, as well as an overview of the topic. The introduction may and may not be brief depending on the objective of the essay and the number of pages of the essay. It has to be clear and concise and informative with tips and examples. It’s important to note that a concept or variable may have a variety of definitions by authors or scholars in the field, hence the need to compare and contrast various definitions associated with the variable, giving a generally acceptable definition of the variable, and your definition to back up the rest.
  • A well-structured thesis statement is vital in writing informative essays for example research articles and case studies, in which the essay has a problem it seeks to proffer solutions to or vital information it seeks to send out to educate readers. This statement gives support and guides the research work. It’s usually brief and precise.  The best essay writing service recommends and utilizes thesis statements for research articles and case studies, literature reviews, lab reports, and dissertation to help guide in deep research writings. This statement may come before the body of the essay. This can also be referred to as a “focus sentence”, which must be sound, well structured, and tentative. This part helps to expose the step-by-step work done in the essay, and the methodology and sample used will serve as a guide to the essay. Here it’s pertinent that writers have a deep thought of the information they intend to share with the readers and must state here the importance of the topic as well as the ability to persuade the audience of the topic’s significance in the thesis statement.
  • After the thesis statement, one can proceed to the body of the essay, methodology, and sample used, findings, conclusion and perhaps recommendations where necessary.

Informational Essay Outline: for an Excellent Writing

The essay outline is what a good essay is built upon. It serves as a foundation for any good essay. In an informative essay, the main outline includes; an introduction, thesis statement, a well-written body of the essay, a tentative conclusion, and references (as the case may be). What the essay outline does is help organize the essay, and helps the essay have a systematic focus and scope. Below is a breakdown of the informative essay outline, including useful tips and rules.


This is the beginning of every good essay. The introduction as the name implies is where the topic is introduced to the readers. It covers the overview of the topic including definition(s), background information about the topic, and the scope of the essay. From the introduction, readers should be able to know what they are in for. For instance writing on ‘ gambling ‘, the introduction should carry the definitions of gambling, types of gambling, background information on gambling, ways people get into the habit, why people become addicted to gambling, and what happens if gambling addicts decide to quit gambling. This is what your introduction should provide. Make sure that you try as much as possible to narrow your essay’s scope in the introduction and confirm that there is a significant linkage between your introduction and focal or thesis statement.

Informative essay intro

Thesis Statement

This forms part of the introduction but can be separated using a paragraph. In the case of article writing or a project, it can be given a subheading. In the statement, you should let the readers see the relationship between your topic and other variables in the essay. For example, a relationship between gambling and increased risk of gambling problems on mental and psychological life. What the thesis statement does to an informative essay is to provide clarity on the scope, nature, and purpose of the essay. The basic rules in writing the thesis statement are to make it engaging and intriguing and to catch the minds of the readers. It’s also important to prevent cliché words when writing a thesis statement in an essay.

Body of the Informative Essay

It’s erroneous to include personal opinions in an informational paper. Rather, facts and research should be the bedrock of the body of an informative essay. The body of the essay is where the writer explains concepts and discusses key facts. When there is a topic to be written, the body of the essay must provide evidence for the topic and explains the evidence tentatively. This is what makes the body of an informative paper perfect. For example, explaining gambling and its different mental health problems, describing ways gambling can influence human social, political, and economic life, and discussing ways of quitting gambling and freedom from gambling addiction.

What also makes the body of an essay excellent is the writer’s ability to use transition words and the skill of starting a paragraph with their vital and dominant point and making sure these points are summarized.

Make sure you organize your sub-topics and headings in the body of the essay systematically to provide flow and consistency.


The conclusion does not only summarize the essay, but it highlights discoveries as a result of the research done. It’s very important to reword the thesis statement in the conclusion, for example, recollecting the link between various kinds of psychological, social, and economic problems associated with pathological gambling. Let your readers know the implication and benefits of the essay on the outcome of the topic (gambling).

You can provide recommendations on the findings of the research and for the future, and give your input here.

Citation and Reference

Most writers forget to cite their sources and give references to the cited works in their essays. This aspect of outline depends on the type or kind of informative essay writing. Citation isn’t needed in “how-to” essays, but is essential in “definition”, “data analysis” and “compare and contrast” essays.

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