How to Write an Ap Lang Synthesis Essay

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The Best Ap Lang Synthesis Essay Brief

This article will provide the details and requirements you’ll need to produce an excellent Ap Lang Synthesis Essay with correctness and clarity, so prepare yourself. The following article will guide you on how to write a synthesis essay Ap Lang perfectly. We will also provide ap lang synthesis essay examples prompt for review.

How to Write the AP Lang Synthesis Essay?

To write an AP Lang Synthesis essay, you must plan and prepare. If you’re planning on taking the AP Language (or AP Lang) exam, you may already know that three essays will account for 55% of your final exam grade. The “synthesis essay” is the first of the three essays you will be required to write for the AP Language exam. You must understand what a synthesis essay is and what abilities the AP Lang synthesis essay evaluates if you wish to score all three points on this exam section. The AP Lang Synthesis exam is a free-response question, which means you need to compose your own response to the prompt. You’re not allowed to use any outside resources or materials on this exam.

So let’s get started by defining AP Lang and AP Lang Synthesis Essay.

What is AP Lang Itself?

AP Lang is a course that helps students take the next step in their academic careers. The system provides a challenging, high-level curriculum to prepare students for college-level writing, speaking, and reading work.

The course focuses on five skills: research, analysis; persuasion; critical thinking; and communication. These skills help students develop a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding that will enable them to excel at college-level work.

Over 535,000 students enroll in AP English Language and Composition, also known as AP Lang, making it one of the most exciting and well-liked AP courses offered at most high schools. Your proficiency in writing rhetorical essays, information synthesis, and argumentation is tested in AP Language and Composition. However, just 62% of students were able to receive a three or above on the exam, implying that the class is quite tricky.

AP Lang Synthesis Essay Definition

AP Lang is a course that covers the study of literature, Composition, and rhetoric. It is ideally taken by students who want to take the three-credit test that follows the system, which will determine if they should be able to receive credit for an English degree from their school.

AP lang four reading exams: one in English Literature, one in Composition, one in Rhetoric, and one in Government and Politics. These readings are usually from books or articles written by authors who studied these subjects at the college level or those who have published books on them.

What is the Synthesis Essay Ap Lang?

The synthesis essay is the first of three papers in the free response area of the AP Language exam. Two of the exam’s seven sources are exclusively visual, including one quantitative source, and two of those sources are arranged around a single topic (like a graph or pie chart). The remaining four to five starts are text-based and average 500 words each. It is recommended that students spend an hour writing this essay—15 minutes for reading, 40 minutes for writing, and 5 minutes for proofreading.

Every synthesis essay has a subject that all the sources in the paper will focus on. Although the topics are typically broad, so you probably already know something about the problem, the prompt will describe the issue and give some background information. Additionally, it will claim that students must counter in an essay format using data from at least three of the sources listed. Finally, you must declare your position, agreeing or disagreeing with the claim’s stated position.

Ap lang synthesis essay

What Does an AP Lang Synthesis Essay Look Like?

The format of an AP Lang synthesis essay is pretty simple: You’re given a prompt with plenty of room to explore, and then you have to write your answer. That’s it! No research papers or extra credit; just writing!

You can probably guess how this works out: If you don’t know what questions to ask, or if they’re all too easy or too hard, your essays will probably get lower marks than they should. But if you can get into the right mindset and approach every question creatively and thoughtfully—whether it’s about current events or something unrelated—then you’ll be able.

Need to Write an Ap Lang Synthesis Essay?

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Ap Lang Synthesis Essay

How to Write a Perfect Ap Lang Synthesis Essay

Writing a perfect Ap Lang essay example requires that you take into account the following five steps:

Step 1 Read Your Assignment’s Prompt Carefully

Once the time begins, thoroughly read and consider the prompt’s requirements. To have enough time to read all the sources and formulate your argument, you should only spend about two minutes reading the prompt. After reading the prompt, you shouldn’t have to declare your feelings about the claim. When making your point, you must read the sources.

Step 2 Carefully Read the Sources

Although you’re required to use only 3 of the 6-7 sources provided, examine EVERY head. By doing so, you’ll be able to understand the topic better and choose the best sources for your essay. In addition, you will need to read quickly and carefully because there are many sources.

During the reading phase, annotating will be your best friend. From each passage, underline and highlight key ideas or phrases that you plan to include in your essay. As you read the paragraphs, your argument will likely shape your thoughts. After reading the source, reflect on whether the source defends, challenges, or qualifies your argument.

You will have about 13 minutes to go through all the sources, but if you read quickly, you may be able to do it earlier. Spend the remaining time elaborating your argument and creating an outline so that you have more time to write.

Step 3 Develop a Thesis Statement

You must develop a strong thesis statement to help you organize your thoughts and ideas. You can do this by taking an issue or topic that interests you and then narrowing it down to a single question that you want to be answered. For example, if you wanted to write an Ap lang synthesis essay on the history of photography, your thesis statement might be: “How has photography evolved?” Once you have your thesis statement, go through each discipline and identify what contributes to the overall subject matter. Then choose one idea from each domain to include in your essay as a foundation for your argument.

Tips to make a strong thesis statement

  • Specific: Make sure the topic is clearly defined in your statement.
  • Concise: Write concisely and clearly so that readers understand what you’re saying without having to read everything twice.
  • Relevant: Make sure your thesis statement relates directly to your topic so that it’s easy for readers to understand what’s going on in your essay.
  • Well organized: Organize your essay around the thesis statement and supporting points

Step 4 Make a Brief Essay Outline

Make a brief outline for the essay. It will help you organize your thoughts, which will make it easier to write a scheduled report. In addition, it would help if you wrote down any ideas or questions while reading the assigned material.

It would help if you started with an introduction that summarizes the main idea of your paper, identifying what it’s about and why it matters. Next, you’ll want to introduce your thesis statement and ensure it’s clear and concise. You should also include other points supporting your thesis (what you’ve discovered or explained). Then you’ll need to explain how your ideas connect—this is where things get interesting! Finally, wrap it up, make an outline in your mind, and proceed to the next step.

Step 5 Write Your Essay

Once you have finished researching and developing your ideas, it’s time to write an organized essay using those ideas and any additional information or insights from your research process.

Write your essay in the remaining 30 to 35 minutes. This should be relatively simple if you put in the effort to annotate the sources and have a thorough outline. However, remember to provide the remark portions of the supporting evidence you’ve outlined in your thesis with extra thought and emphasis. These phrases play a critical part in the essay’s general flow and are where you’ll explain how the data either support or invalidates the claim made in the prompt.

After completing your essay, make sure you use proper grammar and spelling to help readers understand what you’re trying to say.

Helpful Tips for Writing Ap lang Synthesis Essay

So how do you write an AP Lang synthesis essay? While there are many different ways to approach this type of paper, here are some tips:

  • To cite your sources, choose between the APA and Chicago styles.
  • Organize your schedule, so you know how much time you have for each phase.
  • Give yourself as much time as possible to edit and proofread
  • Make sure to create a solid and concise thesis. Create a firm position for the claim and maintain it for the entirety of the paper.
  • Organize your essay around the thesis statement and supporting points
  • Clearly define your thesis
  • Support your thesis with evidence from the prompt, or at least one or two examples
  • Use brief quotations; avoid quoting complete sentences. Ensure the quote doesn’t affect the sentence’s grammar and flow.

AP Lang Synthesis Essay Outline

While you analyze AP Lang essay examples, you may observe that the overall format isn’t all that different from your typical essay plan. For example, you have an introduction, a body paragraph, and a conclusion.

You must use at least three sources to support your arguments. Furthermore, you must make sure your essay has strong fundamentals. You can buy an essay on our website.

Here is an example of an introductory synthesis essay ap lang outline:

Synthesis essay ap lang outline


Give sufficient background information for the subject you are about to discuss. Then, while looking over your source materials, you can quickly summarise the main viewpoints you have learned.

Thesis Statement

Make a concise and engaging thesis statement. Your starting point for the rest of the essay will be here. So be sure that it reflects your viewpoint.

Main Body

Give each source you use at least one paragraph of consideration. Present the information you have acquired from that source first, then discuss how it affected your opinion of the subject and why it is essential to take into account.


Restate your thesis statement and cover up all the research you have done above, putting it together in your conclusion.

What Should be the Length of an AP Lang Synthesis Essay?

The length of an Ap lang synthesis essay rubric depends on many factors. However, we can offer some general guidelines to help you determine how long an AP language synthesis essay should be.

First and foremost, the length of your AP language synthesis essay should be determined by the number of sources you want to cite in the essay. Some colleges will require you to include a certain number of sources while others do not. In addition, some colleges may require you to cite your sources within certain periods or use specific citation styles. Finally, don’t forget to add introductory paragraphs and a conclusion to your essay.

If you are unsure how many sources are required for your college’s AP language synthesis essay format, it is best to check with your counselor or professor before writing anything down. It is also important to remember that if you plan on submitting more than one paper for consideration by an AP teacher, then each essay should have its source list and citation format.

Types of Ap Lang Essay

There are several Ap lang essays, but the most common are argument essays ap lang and synthesis essays ap lang.

Synthesis essays are the most common type of ap lang essay, and they’re an excellent fit for students who want to organize their thoughts about a topic and present them clearly, and concisely. A synthesis essay explores how two or more texts relate and how they can inform or enrich one another.

In an argument essay, you will have to present a case for your position and support it with facts, examples, and relevant data. A good argumentative essay will be an analysis of the author’s argument, supported by evidence from the text.

Structure of Synthesis Essay

The synthesis essay is a two-part, three-paragraph essay. First, the introduction should present the topic and summarize what you learned while researching it. Next, the body should present your argument supporting your thesis statement. Finally, the conclusion should summarize and restate your thesis statement, which will help you evaluate what you have written.

Structure of Argument Essay

The argument essay follows the same structure as the synthesis essay but focuses on a particular concept that has been debated or argued about. In addition to writing an introduction, body, and conclusion, this type of essay requires a thesis statement that clearly states your position on this topic by saying why you think it’s true or false.

AP Lang Essay Prompts

The AP Lang Essay is a test that will determine how well you understand the principles of language. It’s a lot like a college-level language proficiency test, but you’ll be answering questions about a particular language instead of speaking and writing.

  1. The AP Language and Composition exam is changing. There are new questions in the 2017-2022 version, and more will be added in the future. To prepare for these changes, we’ve compiled some ap lang synthesis essay prompts that may resemble what you’ll see on test day.
  2. Discuss the importance of using sources in an academic essay; include at least two examples of how you would cite sources in your academic work (include the source type if possible).
  3. Critique the argument that organizations should have more power over citizens because they are more democratically accountable than individuals. Support your position with specific evidence from other sources, including references to detailed studies or articles (if available).
  4. Evaluate whether or not it is ethical for doctors to perform abortions on women seeking them out because they feel their fetus will be harmed by having its mother’s life sustained? Support your point with relevant quotations from relevant texts (if possible).
  5. Describe how someone could use imagery in their writing.
  6. What ways could someone use diction to help them achieve their goal?
  7. How could someone use figures of speech to help them achieve their goal?

You should respond to the prompt by following these rules:

  • First, select appropriate evidence to back up your claim.
  • Second, describe how the evidence supports your theory.
  • Third, demonstrate your understanding of the rhetorical context.
  • Finally, be sure to use proper grammar and punctuation.
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