200+ Business Topics and Ideas of Writing Business Paper

Sometimes, it can be hard to do an assignment on a particular topic. But, choosing your topic for an assignment may even be more difficult. This is why our professionals at Essaybrother compiled a comprehensive list of business research topics for college students. 

ABM stands for Accountancy, Business, and Management. The courses and programs here prepare students for many financial managerial positions in the future such as: How to communicate with clients and manage company policies, How to run a company, etc.

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What to Do Before Choosing ABM Research Topics

To write a research paper on an ABM topic you will need to choose between quantitative and qualitative research.  Or You can just order the research paper writing service from our writers. 

  • Quantitative Research: This involves numerical and statistical analysis. Quantitative research topics for ABM students usually fall under economics or accounting as will be seen below.
  • Qualitative Research: This involves data that exhibit consumer behavior and preferences. Such data can be got from questionnaires and surveys. Qualitative research topics about the ABM strand will likely fall under Marketing and Human Resource Management.

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List of Business Research Topics

ABM students can choose from our list of business research topics and research titles. Here are some themes to get your jog your brain juices on Business Research Titles

Business Research Titles

  1. Diversity in the workplace is a reality in today’s world. People from varied backgrounds are increasingly working together as a result of globalization. Does it have any effect on the working process? Is the disparity in genders, ages, and races a hindrance or business help? Is it necessary for businesses to guarantee that their workforce is diverse, and if so, why? 
  2. Global standards vs. local customization. What organizations have a track record of successfully implementing both strategies? Give specific examples. Why is it difficult to stick to one strategy?
  3. The effects of running a family business. Are there any successful family businesses in the present era? What are the drawbacks and benefits of such a company model?? What may be learned from corporate examples of interpersonal relations practice?
  4. Governments vs. private corporations. In your country, how does the government handle private businesses? What is the most effective strategy for a government-private-sector partnership?
  5. Consumer behavior and the Internet. What role does the Internet play in modern consumer behavior? Are there any significant differences in consumer behavior from ten years ago? Is the Internet merely a new advertising platform, or is there more to it? Make a list of real-life instances.
  6. A case study of Microsoft. What methods does Microsoft use to promote its products? In comparison to the latest advertising trend of mobile phone marketing, how are traditional stores faring in the market?  Is it a success story?
  7. Accounting and management. How can managerial accounting aid a company’s decision-making? What is the mechanism behind it? What are some examples of successful and poor business choices made using managerial accounting reports?
  8. Finances of the individual. Individuals should use personal accountants for a variety of reasons. What steps can be taken to formalize this procedure? What other options do you have? Make a list of examples of modern mobile accounting apps and free online services.
  9. What effect does agile project management have on IT company productivity? Quantitative research approaches should be used to analyze it. Productivity, customer satisfaction, and staff satisfaction may all be measured. Using empirical hypothesis testing procedures, analyze and report the data’s outputs.

 How can psychosocial stressors affect project manager performance? What are the many forms of psychosocial stressors? Is there a mediating influence of organizational culture? Make use of real-world data.

Business Paper Outline

 Now, let’s get to some more topics and titles.

  1.  A comparison of Bagel Store with Subway.
  2.  Alcohol: The Benefits of Sale and Consumption Laws for the Well-Being of Society
  3.  Authors and copyright: do legal names or pseudonyms work better?
  4.  In cases of corruption, do state officials have a better chance of getting their jobs back if they ask to be fired?
  5.  Do bank mergers make sense or are they a bad idea?
  6.  When should a bank consider changing this?
  7.  The pros and cons for businesses of a low-cost economy.
  8.  Big-box stores: How can a big-box store be successful?
  9.  BMW’s plan for long-term sustainability.
  10.  Business dynasties: How does a family-run business work?
  11.  A plan for running a game room.
  12.  Business strategies and ways to get the word out about Juicy Fruit.
  13.  Explain why and how Hilton’s investments in the Italian tourism industry are important.
  14.  A profile of Xerox and an overview of the company.
  15.  How do different ethnic cultures affect working as a team?
  16.  Do age differences make it hard for different departments to work together?
  17.  Do sports and art programs at work help employees be more creative and make the workplace a healthier place to be?
  18.  How can firms and businesses be encouraged to adopt policies that are better for the environment?
  19.  Does the free distribution of handguns help or hurt the industry that makes them?
  20.  Do people who work without papers have any rights? What risks do they face?
  21.  What are the consequences of working too much work?
  22.  Analysis of L’Oréal and Procter & Gamble’s finances.
  23.  Strategies for the Dell Corporation on a global scale.
  24.  How can a company’s reputation be fixed after a corporate crime has ruined it?
  25.  How can reviving a downtown area help a business?
  26.  How can a museum show be made more appealing to the public?
  27.  How can business ethics affect important choices that a company has to make?
  28. The rise and fall of Eastman Kodak.
  29.  How can I keep my sales letter from going to the spam folder instead of the trash?
  30.  What can be done to make it cheaper?
  31.  How does the degradation of an organization’s environment affect consumer trust?
  32.  How can the structure and operations of a business be shown graphically?
  33.  How can customer service efforts help you find out what your customers hate, what they can live with, and what they like?
  34.  How can infrastructure be spread out over a large area of land in a way that works well?
  35.  How do business clusters help the world become more connected?
  36.  What effect do monopolies have on the market?
  37.  How do you get a customer to be more likely to buy products from one brand than another?
  38.  How does feminism affect the way women buy things?
  39.  How is the Chinese market better off because of globalization?
  40.  How does quality help a business?
  41.  How do jobs for young people work?
  42.  Is brainstorming a good way to come up with ideas and business solutions?
  43. How to figure out how much risk your business venture has.
  44.  How to get a business going.
  45.  Import tariffs on automobiles in Ukraine.
  46.  How should employee coaching be set up in a big company or a small one?
  47.  How the crime of insider trading and the punishments for it have changed over time.
  48.  Is giving to charity a good way for a business to market itself?
  49.  Is it moral for a worker in a modern business to blow the whistle?
  50.  Does every company need to have a psychologist on staff?
  51.  Is it the job of the franchisee or the person who owns the franchise to market the business?
  52.  Is advertising online more effective than advertising in other ways?
  53.  Is the military crisis a good thing for business or a bad thing?
  54.  Is the internet taking over the world of advertising?
  55.  Is there a difference between business ethics and other kinds of ethics. What are the rules and how do you follow them?
  56.  Outsourcing’s benefits and drawbacks for a firm. Is it moral?
  57.  People Water is a good example of corporate social responsibility.
  58.  Pricing plans for Toyota and Plexus.
  59.  How do businesses work in third-world countries?
  60.  Should alcoholic beverage producers be subject to greater taxes? Should they be compelled to donate to alcohol rehabilitation centers?
  61.  Should the death penalty be applied to the most serious business crimes?
  62.  Should the minimum wage be abolished? Why?
  63.  What does the future hold for commerce and retail? Will all shopping be done online in the future?
  64.  Should they be obligated to make donations to cancer treatment facilities?
  65.  Social and digital media tactics for Roadrunner Sport.
  66.  SWOT analysis of Ruth’s Chris restaurants.
  67.  Taking care of employee retention.
  68.  Teenagers and brands: which brands are most popular among today’s youth?
  69.  Teenagers versus Business: The Teenage Business Phenomenon
  70.  The case of British Petroleum’s corruption.
  71.  The corporate handbook to environmental stewardship.
  72.  The effect of employee motivation on productivity.
  73.  The future role of business lobbyists in the United States.
  74.  The idea of organizational transformation capacity.
  75.  The link between strategic leadership and workforce productivity.
  76.  The relationship between employee productivity and pay.
  77.  The winning formula for American Airlines.
  78.  Tobacco production: Should tobacco corporations face increased taxes?
  79.  Types and applications of taxes
  80.  Under Armour: a look at the firm and its strategic options.
  81.  Underwriting: who offers and who receives underwriting services? What are some examples of this?
  82.  What are some strategies for promoting and sustaining work-life balance?
  83.  What are the advantages of corporate philanthropy in terms of competitive advantage?
  84.  What are the biggest obstacles and traps in international human resources?
  85.  What are the causes of labor strikes?
  86.  Is telemarketing a relic of the past or a viable marketing strategy today?
  87.  What are the challenges for small businesses?
  88.  What are the common causes of bankruptcy? Is it always a sign that a company is doomed?
  89.  What are the components of intellectual capital, and what is the best strategy to maximize their potential?
  90. What are the cultural variations between countries when it comes to doing business?
  91. What are the different sorts of franchise models? Which one would you pick for a coffee shop?
  92. What are the different sorts of mergers and why do companies execute them?
  93. What are the many types of intercultural dialogue in business?
  94. What are the moral standards that govern how marketing is regulated and operated in your country?
  95. What are the most and least popular services on the market?
  96. What does a healthy work atmosphere look like, and how might one be created? What impact does it have on today’s company culture and consumer behavior?
  97. What elements should be taken into account while selecting a market for business expansion?
  98. What impact do stakeholders have on a company’s success?
  99. What impact would mandatory recycling have on prices?
  100. Is it permissible to advertise in schools?
  101. What is an industry disruptor, and what is disruptive business innovation?
  102. What is the position of labor unions in your country?
  103. What is the relationship between globalization and consumer behavior?
  104. What marketing methods are used on social media?
  105. Why are fitness franchises becoming increasingly popular?
  106. Why are shared services models cost-effective?
  107. Is Groupon a one-time deal or a long-term success? Business strategy at IBM Corporation.
  108. Why do certain businesses prefer to hire more women than males, and vice versa? Are efficiency preconceptions supported by empirical and numerical evidence?
  109. Why do copycat items enter the market so quickly, and what can a brand do to protect its copyright?
  110. Why is global unemployment a global phenomenon? What are the possible remedies to the issue?
  111. Why is it critical to create and implement environmentally friendly practices in businesses and oceans?

Business Accounting Topics

  1. Why is it vital to educate the public about the advantages of international investment?
  2. How does forensic accounting work?
  3. What caused the 2008 financial crisis?
  4. How did accounting evolve? How could businesses reduce taxes?
  5. Financial markets’ impact on managerial accounting
  6. How to avoid financial fraud?
  7. How do accounting theories affect business? What’s wrong with normative accounting theories?
  8. How to apply accounting theory?
  9. How to organize corporate earnings?
  10. Can online accounting work?
  11. Describe offshore accounting. What’s good/bad?
  12. Which accounting systems are best?
  13. What are known commodities?
  14. How do financial markets affect the global economy?
  15. How can organizations increase financial transparency?
  16. What’s the optimum AIS framework for international cooperatives?
  17. What function does AIS play in M/E decision-making?
  18. Detail three recent accounting frauds. Why is accounting always ethical?
  19. How do two significant firms’ financial accounts and intellectual capital relate?
  20. How may executive education affect hedging?
  21. What are non-profit accounting’s reporting requirements?

Business Management Titles

  1. CISCO’s management and strategies.
  2. A project’s initiation review. Analyze US healthcare.
  3. Compare how project management is practiced globally.
  4. How valid is uncertainty in US construction’s long, challenging projects?
  5. Leadership models: transformational and transactional.
  6. Examine project management’s 20-year development and progress.
  7. How significant is understanding the project’s complexities for effective management?
  8. How does academic literature improve agile project management?
  9. Solution-oriented information management.
  10. How effective are different project management methods? US market analysis
  11. Subway’s food industry management.
  12. How do corporations justify software development methodologies?
  13. How vital is healthcare project teamwork?
  14. How do developed-world project management software tools compare?
  15. How does US oil and gas project management tackle risks?
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Business titles on Human Resources

  1. Should a company fund employee education?
  2. Outsourcing and freelancers: pros and cons.
  3. Why hire new team members?
  4. How do you motivate staff?
  5. How should HR handle overqualified employees?
  6. HR managers help locate and manage personnel.
  7. What types of characters affect firm team-building?
  8. What should an HR manager do if a coworker is bullied? What are the precautions?
  9. A company should foster diversity. What affects workplace dynamics?
  10. How to improve communication in the workplace.
  11. What affects a company’s success?
  12. Does pay affect productivity? Cost-effective ways to boost staff motivation
  13. How should employee performance be evaluated? What tools and standards exist? What challenges do Labor laws face?
  14. How do you protect your company’s data online?
  15. What can HR managers do about equitable pay?
  16. How can HR managers cope with employee health issues?
  17. What motivates workers?
  18. In mergers and acquisitions, what role does HR play?
  19. What influences employee retention?
  20. What are bonus benefits? How does HR know who qualifies?
  21. Strategic human resources: Is there global competition?
  22. Describe human resources demand and supply.
  23. How might regular childcare boost worker productivity?
  24. What do compensation packages do?
  25. Career planning: people- or company-focused?
  26. Professionalism or a compatible personality?
  27. How do you test performance?
  28. Are remote interviews as effective as in-person?

Business Marketing Topics

  1. What’s behind Black Friday? Is it a good deal or a marketing trick?
  2. Digital marketing budget: how to construct one?
  3. How has digital marketing and mobile money affected relationship banking?
  4. Mobile banking redefines the customer-bank relationship. How can CSR boost brand equity?
  5. How may Internet celebrities influence consumer buying?
  6. Can consumers avoid direct marketing?
  7. How should infant items be marketed?
  8. How does family influence marketing?
  9. Standardization in global marketing.
  10. How do financial institutions market base on socioeconomic class?
  11. Future internet marketing trends?
  12. How does marketing differ between cultures?
  13. How may politics affect advertising? Show examples.
  14. How do brands abuse impulsive buying? Do loyalty cards increase sales and consumer loyalty?
  15. Can well-marketed brands sell subpar products? What causes customer loyalty?
  16. How can marketing help break a market monopoly?
  17. How does cause marketing affect brand affinity? How is modern top-of-mind awareness achieved? Real-world data. Mobile ad targeting using browser and app history: benefits and downsides.
  18. How can customers distinguish between competing banks’ mortgage options?
  19. Marketing plan for drones manufacturer.
  20. Click baiting: a promising novelty in sponsored posts promotion or a brand-compromising nuisance?
  21. Does comparison advertising promote brand equity?
  22. Do customers buy groceries online?
  23. How essential is earned media?
  24. Why do people forward content? How to market to evolving family structures.
  25. How does AR improve marketing?
  26. How does AI affect marketing?
  27. How does humor in advertising affect customers?

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