How to Write the Best College Admission Essay Ever

If you want to crack the puzzle of getting admission into your dream college, you need to understand the ins and outs of how to write an admission essay. Reading this blog will help you do exactly that. So, continue reading to wow the admission committee.

You have just finished high school and now you are suddenly feeling uncertain of your next destination. You see some of your classmates already preparing for jobs and this is making you frustrated. Amidst all the confusion, you have decided to go to college or it may have been your lifelong dream to see yourself at Harvard. Whatever it may be, to get into college you need to submit an essay describing yourself and why you want to get admitted into that college. Having no prior knowledge of the admission essay format, you start googling- ‘how to write a college admission essay’ and this blog catches your eyes. You start reading and realize that EssayBrother’s admission essay writing service is the one that can help you.

Writing a college application essay is no joke. You have the chance to write your story and experience and impress the admission committee. It will serve as a wow factor if you can prove that you are more than just good grades. You can express your experience in extracurricular activities, voluntary work, or your interest outside the classroom. This is where you can display how you stand out among others and why not giving you admission is a loss for the college.

However, you can not just write your essay. You need to keep in mind the application essay outline that each college lays down. Also, your essay needs to follow a well-designed format that can be possible if you let us handle it.

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Here are some admission essay writing tips to help you ace the admission process and make your teachers love you.

What you should include in your college application essay


Writing a case study report on yourself

You have watched yourself grow every day and now you have to dissect your life. Therefore you should know how to write a case study paper where you will discuss the outcomes of your life experiences. You will let the committee know what you have learned from the adversities of your life and how you overcame them. If you are looking for a case study format for students, you have come to the right place. EssayBrother’s professional writers can show your qualities to the world better than you.


Answers to the questions

When you are writing about your past experiences, you may be rambling on pages after pages. This will hurt the process of impressing your admission officers. You need to know where to draw the line and answer the main question that you were focusing on. For example, suppose you are mentioning that you acquired leadership abilities when you were the captain of the football team. Now, if you start describing your footballing career such that you are reminiscing about the past, it will take attention away from your essay.


Only original article

The admission committee wants to know the person who wants to get admitted to their college. If your admission essay format is such that it is mentioning the achievement or stories of other people, you will lose your credibility in their eyes. You should only write what is special to you to help them understand more about you.

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What you should not include in your College Application Essay

Some things are best left avoided when you are deciding on the admission essay format. Below are some of them:


No lying

Not only should you refrain from mentioning any fabricated detail but also you need to be careful about exaggerating yourself. There is no place for falsehood in your admission essay. If you do not have the first price in a science project, do not write it.

Everything that you write should be the truth. You must not copy others or fabricate false information to gain an advantage. It is pretty easy to catch it. For a perfect admission essay, there is always EssayBrother’s college admission essay writing service.


Be careful about humor

You should not try to sound over-smart by including jokes now and then. This will not sit well with the committee. Sure, you can write one or two funny words just to lighten up the mood. But overdoing it will result negatively. You do not know about the sense of humor of the person reading your essay. So why risk it? Better to keep it professional and to the point.


Repetition is boring

Remember that the personal essay is not the only document that you are submitting. You are also attaching your CV/resume, transcripts, and other certificates. These documents reflect your achievements and your academic ability. When you are thinking about how to write an application essay exclude the details that are already mentioned in other documents. Your essay should include your life experiences, and what you learned from your mistakes. Do not repeat what has already been mentioned somewhere else.

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Tips for writing the best college admission essay


Read what the instructions say

When you are thinking about how to write an admission essay, the first thing that you should do is to read the instructions and guidelines that are mentioned on the college website. If you do not follow the mentioned instructions, it will not send a good impression to the admission officers about you. Look carefully for the page and word limit because your thoughts must be organized in that limited setting.

After reading the guidelines, you should think about your approach and prepare an outline. Your application essay format will then reflect your ability to follow instructions.


Get Started

We are all procrastinators in one way or another. However, this is not the place where you should keep off your work. You need to get started after reading the instructions. Starting to write early will give you an edge over your peers. You will have more time to edit and include your ideas. Starting two/three months early will allow you to apply well before the application deadline. This will put you in a spot for early admission decisions which is always helpful.


Be yourself

A college admission essay is not the place where you want to copy others. This is the opportunity to show who you are and what you can bring to the college community. It is always suggested that your admission essay outline should be based on your life.

Your experience and your achievements define you. Think about how you can express them in your essay. Keep mindful of the background experiences that have shaped your life and brought you to the place you are now.

Don’t miss this opportunity to express yourself. Please keep in mind that EssayBrother is always just one click away to help you with your case study report.


DO NOT use clichés

When you are looking at too many unqualified examples, it may not dawn on you that you are using cliché lines that will not sit well with the admission committee. When you are using cliché language, you are not distinguishing yourself from others.

Go through your essay multiple times, put yourself in the admission committees’ shoes and edit your essay as necessary. Your unique potential will get covered unless you remove those silly lines!


Write a killer introduction

A professor in the admission committee checks hundreds of case studies in a single day. So you have very little time to impress him/her and you can do it with your introduction. When you are looking for case study outline examples look at how they designed their introduction to hook the readers. You can do this by-

  • A bold statement
  • Interesting quote but not too cliché
  • Start with an intriguing question
  • Create a lasting impression


Get checked by others (preferably professionals)

You could always benefit from an outside view on your admission essay. Sometimes when you are reading your own essay time after time you can feel lacking ideas. A fresh perspective will put your words into question and compel you to edit your words. Ask whoever you are showing your essay to to be constructive and criticize your work. That way your application paper structure will be improved. You can ask your parents, friends, teachers, and better yet EssayBrother’s experienced writers to go through your essay and give you a reality check.

Citation style is one of the most important aspects of academic writing. Plagiarism is an offense punishable by law. And, as a student, you must use a citation format of your choice to credit your sources. The major citation styles are:

  • MLA(Modern Language Association) Format:  This is one of the most popular forms used to credit sources. Currently, in its 9th edition, it is most commonly used in the liberal arts and humanities. Here are some useful guidelines on the MLA style
  • APA(American Psychological Association) Format: Commonly used in the social sciences, it requires a little different information from the MLA format.  There are unique techniques to use when referencing a book, journal, or online article. Here is a useful guideline to use for your references in APA format


Writing a college application essay can be daunting if you are doing this all by yourself. So why do it alone? Talk with one of our expert writers of EssayBrother, share your story and get your admission essay writing reviewed today! Your dream college is just one decision away.

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